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Dr. Millicent Lownes-Jackson

A motivational small business column featuring critical business information, inspiration and success tips.

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Do You Have What It Takes to Be An Entrepreneur?



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A Business of Your Own

Knowledge Empowerment Columns are designed to provide current and vital business information to assist you in making your entrepreneurial endeavor a success.

A Business of Your Own offers opportunities to become a featured columnist. Articles are accepted that pertain to entrepreneurship and achieving business success with a special focus on women in business.  We also accept articles that enhance the overall well-being and economic status of women.  If you are interested in sharing your knowledge, expertise, and experience, please review our submission guidelines.

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John Garnett

Executive Director

Tennessee Child Care Facilities Corporation


Article:  Leading in Tough Times


In calm weather, a ship can be steered on autopilot.  In turbulent times, that's when the captain of the ship earns his or her pay.      More.....








Travel Column

       "Your Travel Itinerary"


Lisa Smith

YTB Travel Referring Travel Agent

What’s a family of four or even a single person to do when faced with the highest level of stress that the current generation has ever experienced and thinking that the possibility of a vacation to relieve it is as far away as Oz?  At the very least, and with much hope, this column will be a mental get-away, as it will introduce to some and remind others, of destinations of luxury, renewal and just plain fun.  It will also be here to provide you with ideas, travel tips, maybe some laughs and even some money saving ways to enjoy yourself, your family and the world.  You have to start somewhere, so why not start with “Day 1 of Your Travel Itinerary”!

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Mickee Carter

Writing Specialist



               Noted authority provides tips for writing success.